Creed:  A 7-week Reflection on the Apostles' Creed


Creeds matter. They make us who we are. From retail outlets to political candidates to national governments, everyone vies to sow their creed into our hearts and minds. They all want us to believe what they believe, carefully crafting their creeds with the hope of gaining our affirmation. The Ancient Creed of the Apostles, spoken by billions worldwide, holds the capacity to focus, protect, connect, unite, remind, instruct, and form us into the very people of God. Join us as we move from a casual recitation of our faith’s beliefs, where we run the risk of losing sight of the powerful words, to making it our battle cry.


Note: Pastor Mark will host a 7-week HOUSE Groups study on Thursdays in the Activity Center from 10:00—11:30 AM. In this study you’re invited into a daily practice of reading Scripture, meditating or dwelling on the text, and reflecting on the teachings of some of the Church’s earliest leaders in this study. There’s ample opportunity to delve deep into the biblical world of this great creed seeking instruction, correction, understanding, healing, revelation, and transformation.  Click here to register.